Sunday, April 11, 2010

Image Transfers and Wire Work

I’ve practiced a lot with various techniques for transfers. This week I tried a technique with inkjet prints that are coated with liquid polymer clay and then cured with a heat gun. I used a quality photo paper but did not really like the results. I found it difficult to use this technique for the type of projects I use transfers for which are usually domed pieces. The transfer did not have the flexibility I really like and need. To finish my projects I reverted to a tried and true technique which is a laser toner print burnished to the clay and then spritzed with water to release the paper. The paper rubs off easily, can be used for domed pieces and seems to work the best for me with very predictable results. You need the color laser printer though so the downside is the cost of toner.

Here are my results. I call my pieces “My Romantic Dream”. There is a collage of a woman, a tasteful nude and flowers in the background that I created from 3 to 4 images. The flowers don’t really come out because the bezel window is somewhat small. I used my newly developed wire working skills from the Santa Fe Bead Fest to frame one piece and create a bail for the other.

I’m going to keep working on this to perfect the pendants.