Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Super Easy Polymer Clay Christmas Tree Charm

Hi All and welcome to my studio.  Today I’m doing a super easy project to make sweet Christmas tree charms that can be used for earrings, necklaces, bracelets or even a zipper pull for the holidays.  This is also a fun projects to do with the kids (supervision as needed).   Check out the video below for making the charm and a pair of earrings.  For more videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, give me a thumbs up or leave me a comment.  Thanks again for joining me in my studio.  Let’s get started (see materials/tools list at the bottom of the post).

Materials (Earrings)
Polymer clay – bits of green with a touch of black to tone it down if preferred, brown, red and yellow – I use Premo! as it is more durable
Embossing powder – chunky, snow type or you could use bits of white clay for the snow
Head pin – 2”, 2 ea
Jump ring – 6mm, 2 ea
Earwire – 2 ea

Jewelry making pliers/wire cutter for top loop

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Polymer Clay Southwestern Enamel Look Bracelet Tutorial

Join me in my studio as we create this southwestern themed polymer clay bracelet embellished with a silver metal button.  We'll use embossing powders to give an enamel effect and add color and texture.  The embossing powder gives the piece a rustic and well-worn look.  This two part video series gives you step by step instructions on how to make this bracelet.  See end of post for materials/tools list.

I like to add metal to my jewelry but not being a metalsmith, I need to find creative ways to get the luster and weight of metal into my designs.  In this piece, I'm using metal buttons easily sourced from fabric stores and on-line.  There are so many styles and finishes that I'm sure you'll find something to add interest to your pieces. Try this technique but be sure to add wire to create an anchor so the button won't fall out.  If the button is a shank style, you may have to cut the shank down with heavy duty wire cutters.  You'll still want to wrap wire around the remaining part of the shank to secure it.

Hope you enjoy.  Leave me a comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel and blog.

Polymer Clay – ½ pkg each, Premo! Bronze and Burnt Umber
Genesis Thick Medium Extender or Liquid Clay
Embossing powders – your choice of colors
Burnt Umber paint
Metal Button – 3/4” – 1 ea
Wire - 24ga – 1-1/2”
Eyelets – 1/4” – 2 ea
Bracelet finding with clasp to fit – 1 ea
Varathane gloss waterbased polyurethane
Plastic wrap (optional for beveled edge)

Pasta Machine
Glass vase or other to make curve in clay
Cutter – teardrop – 3/4”
Cutter - round cutter – 1/4”
Bamboo skewer
Oval cutter or paper template – 2-1/2”
Texture sheet or coarse sandpaper
Paint brushes to apply paint and embossing powder
Pliers – chain nose

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Polymer Clay Sculpted Bird Earrings Tutorial

Hi All.  Thanks for joining me in my studio.  Today I'm making a cute pair of bird earrings sculpted from polymer clay.  Sculpting these birds is easy and you'll soon be making loads of earrings for gifts or for yourself.  Hope you enjoy.  Leave me a comment, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share.