Sunday, October 25, 2015

SWD Learn to make a Dollar Store Halloween Skeleton Necklace

Hi All,

Join me in my studio to make this fun Halloween Skeleton Necklace.  I had bought a couple of the $1 skeleton garlands at my local Dollar Tree a while ago.  I hope they still have some of these this year, it's kind of close to Halloween and I notice everything is turning over for Christmas.  If they don't have them, save this for next year.  It's a great, inexpensive Halloween project and simple enough for the kids.  I made this for an elementary school teacher and I think it will be a great hit with her class.

We'll use very basic tools and materials such as wire, jump rings, chain, jewelry making pliers and wire snips.  If you want a more temporary necklace use the jute string that comes with the skeleton garland in place of the wire and chain.  You can simply tie a knot to wear the necklace.  The full tools/materials list is below the video.  If you enjoyed this project, I hope you'll let me know by subscribing to my YouTube channel, giving me a thumbs up (always encouraging) or leave a comment.  I hope you enjoy.

Jewelry pliers - two chain nose
Wire cutters

Skeletons - I used the skeleton garlands from Dollar Tree, if you don't find these, look for something similar; make sure they're flexible and a good size for a necklace - not too big
Jump rings - 2ea 10mm
Craft wire - 22ga approx 2'
Pumpkin bell or other pumpkin you can attach to represent a trick or treat bag (optional)
Chain - 2ea 6" lengths
Clasp - toggle or other

Monday, October 19, 2015

SWD Polymer Clay Three Rose Necklace Tutorial

Hi All, welcome to my studio.  In today's tutorial, we'll make a polymer clay three rose necklace.  This necklace can be customized to be a family or commemorative necklace to represent your children or grandchildren, marriage or a departed friend or family member.  It's a sweet reminder of your loved ones.  This would make a great gift for a mother-in-law or grandma.  Hope you enjoy this video tutorial.  See the tools and materials list below the video.

Pasta Machine
Jewelry pliers
Craft knife
Needle tool
Paint brush or sponge
Hand drill
Paper template - see shape in video - 1.5" length x 3/4" width

Polymer clay - I used Premo! Sculpey in Spanish Olive for the leaves and a mix of Magenta and Pearl for the roses (the leaves were rolled on the thickest setting of my Atlas pasta machine, the backing sheet was rolled at #3.
Genesis Medium, Liquid clay or Bake 'n Bond
Sandpaper - 30-40 grit
Paint - Burnt Umber
Jump rings - 6mm approx or size to fit
Chain - 2 8" lengths
Paper towel