Monday, September 22, 2014

Tutorial with Videos - Polymer Clay Faux Soutache

Join me in my studio for creating two lovely and fun faux soutache jewelry projects, Simple Beaded Earrings and the Victoriana Pendant, using my new tutorial.  This tutorial includes 11 video guides.  See it at my Etsy shop.  Click the Etsy badge to see this tutorial.

Soutache jewelry is one of the hottest trends in jewelry making.  As a polymer clay artist it was a natural step to re-imagine traditional soutache through the versatile medium of polymer clay.  Like traditional soutache jewelry, any color combination, beading and other embellishments can be added to make the ultimate design possibilities limited only by the imagination of the artist.

This original tutorial contains two projects meant to provide the polymer clay artists with tips and techniques for creating their own faux soutache jewelry.  The first project, Simple Beaded Earrings, demonstrate techniques such as adding beads, strengthening the piece, backing and finishing.  Building on the key concepts in the Simple Beaded Earrings, the Victoriana Pendant goes several steps further to provide detailed instructions such as adding dimensional ribbons, leaves, clay beads, pearl beads and adding subtle color.  These techniques lend themselves to being used for many adaptations limited only by the artist’s imagination.

The projects contain 37 pages of instructions, 100 detailed photographs and 11 video guides with over 50 minutes of step by step video instructions.  There’s even one blooper guide demonstrating what happens when clay is not properly conditioned. 

Detailed tool and material lists are provided and I’ve added a cross-reference guide, referencing each photograph or figure to the corresponding video guide.
The techniques in this tutorial do not require advanced skills, however, basic knowledge of polymer clay techniques such as conditioning clay and using an extruder are assumed.  Basic jewelry making skills such as opening and closing jump rings are also used in the tutorial.  Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never made jewelry, this tutorial will walk you through the steps. 

The tools and materials used were readily available in my local craft stores in the United States.  To make it more convenient for you, I’ve included web-based resources in the Resource Guide.  With the exception of an extruder with the appropriate dies, you may be able to use the tools you already have in your craft stash.

You will be downloading 2 PDF files with access to my Vimeo Faux Soutache Portfolio.  The access link and passcode are on the first page of each of the PDF documents.  The link to the files to download will be emailed to you by Etsy once your payment is completed.  

Hope you enjoy.