Blogging for me is a form of art expression.  An extension of my art.  I’ve never had a gallery opening or participated in a juried art exhibit (although some day I will), but through my blog I display my art, techniques and projects in my own personal gallery.  I invite others to stop by and see what I've created.

Through blogging I've learned so much and as I look to the next phase of my life, I’ll spend more time blogging and arting around!  Here’s why I love blogging:
  • creating something, anything and sharing it through my blog
  • watching others reaction to posts and connecting with comments
  • seeing visitors from all over the world
  • sharing crafting techniques and tools
  • learning about writing, photography, editing, and video making
  • developing a business
  • expanding beyond the blog to other social media
  • sharing studio design and organization ideas
  • teaching
  • writing tutorials
  • believing that others have the artist in them and helping them experience it
  • helping and encouraging others to try an art project or medium they might not have considered
Blogging has become a bit of an obsession and I am constantly on the lookout for ideas to share.  I see blogging becoming more and more important in my art life as I look for ways to share the fun of creating something with their own hands.  I hope to help others find the same sense of fun, experimentation and fulfillment in creating art.  See you at the next post.  

Artist Disclaimer:  I’m an art work in progress.  I’m learning to expand on my art and blogging journey every day, every hour and every minute.

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