Friday, October 31, 2014

Crafty Podcasts

Recently, while sitting in an airport with a friend, I noticed he was intently listening to his iPhone.  When I asked what he was listening to, he explained that he downloads podcasts from NPR and listens to them while traveling.  I usually read a magazine or novel but thought listening to a podcast (kind of like a radio show) could be entertaining and educational.  I found a few craft/art related podcasts that I fell in love with and enjoy listening to while travelling or working in my studio.  I thought you might enjoy listening as well.  There are lots of categories of podcasts out there.  Find a series that interests you and have fun.

 Here are my current favorites.

While She Naps with Abby Glassenberg
From Abby’s site:  While She Naps is a blog about sewing stuffed animals and running a creative business. I’m interested in soft toy design, publishing, the sewing industry, and entrepreneurship for creative

Abby is a soft toy maker who has a website where she sells her toy patterns, blogs on sewing, interviews other artists and does segments on craft business issues.  She does a regular podcast with a wide range of guests related to sewing crafts and the business of crafting.  Although I haven’t sewed for years, I like hearing how others go about living their craft.

Check out her podcasts.

CraftCast with Allison Lee
From Allison’s site:  CRAFTCAST™ was first heard in March, 2006. Since then there have been almost 1 million downloads. Each week, host Alison Lee, talks to a well known artist in their field and gets right down to the how, what and why behind each artists works. Thousands of listeners have written in to share how listening in to Alison's interviews has inspired them and their own work. As Alison says at the end of every show, Get Your Butt in the Chair and Keep Crafting!

Allison not only does podcasts but she hosts live workshops with a variety of artists.  I've taken a number of classes on polymer and metal clay, jewelry making and doll making through CraftCast.  These classes are reasonably priced and archived so you can watch and then re-watch to your heart’s content.  Archived workshops are also available if you missed the live one.  Allison’s free workshops showcasing the tools various artists love is fantastic!

Check out her podcasts.

Balzer Designs with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
From Julie’s site:  Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is a mixed media painter, collage maker, and avid memory keeper. She is also an author, blogger, TV personality, and teacher.

Julie’s podcast is called “Adventures in Arting”.  She interviews various artists and delves into their art, how they make it, balancing competing demands and the business of crafting.  Julie’s Mother joins her in the podcasts and it’s nice to get two generational perspectives on the issues facing crafters/artists.  She also does a lot of papercrafting as well as other videos.

Check out her podcasts.

Elise Gets Crafty with Elise Blaha Cripe

From Elise’s site:  Introducing, ELISE GETS CRAFTY, my new podcast where I host guests and we chat weekly about blogging, creativity, inspiration, motivation and running a small business.

I’ve just started listening to Elise’s podcasts.  Her talks about blogging and creativity have inspired me.

Check out her podcasts.

CraftSanity with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
From Jennifer’s site:  CraftSanity is a website and podcast about all things arts and crafts.

I’m always curious about how others use their creativity and these podcasts cover many aspects of balancing life and crafting.

Check out her podcasts.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

At Long Last - Rock Purse Tutorial Parts 2 and 3

In May 2011 I posted the first part of what was to be a two part tutorial on how to make a polymer clay rock purse, a decorative purse based on the Japanese inro.  I had intended to post a two part tutorial on YouTube but only got as far as Part 1 when my travel schedule got in the way of finishing the tutorial.

Well, more three years later, I finished two more parts to complete the series.  When I filmed, I had about 28 minutes of video which is way too long so I edited to create two more parts.  Part 2 talks about the design choices the maker considers for how to string and finish the rock purse and Part 3 gives the final finishing options.

I hope you enjoy the videos.  Go on over to YouTube to view and leave comments and subscribe if you are interested in seeing more videos.  Thanks for joining me in my studio.