Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Learn to Upcycle an Old Leather Belt into a Bracelet cuff

Hi All.  Join me in my studio as we upcycle a thrift store leather belt into a fabulous fall inspired bracelet cuff.  Learn to cut the belt, add snaps, paint and finish your cuff.  See the tools/materials list below the video link. Hope you enjoy.

Leather hole punch or nail
Snap setter
Utility knife
Paint brush
Pen or Sharpie

Old leather belt
Snaps - I used Tandy Line 20
Paint - compatible with leather
Fingernail polish - acetone
Cosmetic sponge
Cotton wipe

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#LoveFallArt - SWD Polymer Clay Fall Tree Mixed Media Panel

Hi All, I tried something new by making a polymer clay fall tree mixed media panel.  I've never done any kind of polymer clay wall art so I thought I would stretch creatively to meet the YouTube Creative Arts Collaboration theme for September - #LoveFallArt.  The colors in the panel are beautiful fall colors with a stylized tree which has dropped its leaves.

In this tutorial I show you what can go wrong in the studio and how to fix it.  Because I'm inexperienced in doing this type of art, I used the wrong kind of panel.  What a disaster but there's very little that can't be saved if you're willing to keep trying.  Plus you'll know what not to do next time!  LOL  I hope you enjoy this project.  You'll find the tools and materials list following the video.  Leave me a comment or ask questions, I really love hearing from you.  Thanks for joining me in my studio.

Pasta machine
Acrylic roller
Clay blade
Craft knife
Paint brush - for paint and sealer
Sponge brush (optional)

Clay - scrap in tan/brown, blue and green/red/orange families
Weldbond or liquid polymer clay
Masonite or other oven safe board
Burnt Umber acrylic paint
Sandpaper - 320 grit
Sealer - Future floor wax, Varathane or other