Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Experiments with Faux Turquoise

Polymer clay is a wonderful medium to try and replicate natural materials. I’ve worked on a number of faux turquoise recipes over time from very deep blue to light green/blue. The necklace below was inspired by the Royston turquoise mined in Nevada. I mixed the colors of turquoise and brown in various colors. Using the food processor, the clay was processed until it formed various size balls. Burnt umber paint was applied to the nuggets of clay, left to dry and later formed into a log. Slices of the turquoise slab were applied to a base of ecru clay along with slices of faux ivory. The ivory was impressed with various tools to add the design. After curing, the whole piece was covered with burnt umber paint, wiped, sanded and polished.  Mini coins were made to add to the necklace and turquoise glass beads and chain were added to complete the piece.   I really like the look. Hope you enjoy.

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