Sunday, May 20, 2012

Artomatic 2012

Artomatic opened on May 18 in Crystal City, Virginia (   Over 1000 artists of all types – visual, music, performance, film, fashion and more are showcased this year.  There are over 10 floors of art hosted in a building scheduled for demolition.  If you need inspiration, you’ll want to head over to Artomatic if you are in the Virginia area.  I'll be back to see more floors later in May. 

I’m lucky to know one of the artists with an installation this year – Tomas Tarr.  Tomas is a glass bead making artist who showed off some of his finest work.  Congrats Tomas.  Check out his pictures here.


  1. Thanks for the post, I didn't know anything about this event! I am now living in Reston, Va. which is maybe 25 minutes away!

    1. Kathleen, you will love it! There is so much to see and get inspired by. Much of it is so different than what I use as far as materials, techniques and concepts but seeing into the mind of other artists is such fun. Hope you get a chance to get over there. BTW, I'm back in DC (staying in Arlington) May 29 thru June 30. Maybe we can connect for coffee. Would love to meet you in person.