Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Organizing your Projects

This last weekend I found this cool storage box that is really for photos but I'm using it to keep my in progress jewelry projects organized.  The plastic box holds 6 individual mini boxes that I can keep my smaller jewelry projects that I'm working on neat and and organized.  The boxes are large enough for some clay, tools, beads and cards for notes.  Got this neat addition to my studio from JoAnn since they were having a 50% of storage sale.  Works great.


  1. What a great solution for works in progress! Right now I have all of my projects piled on wooden trays and this would definitely help organize them better. You can also store sketches with them too. The only issue is that I would need about five of these! ;) Thanks for sharing this great find!

    1. Hey Kathleen, how great to hear from you. I've been following you and know you had a beautiful baby boy and moved on top of everything else. Congratulations! Glad you like this idea. It's been working great for me to keep my current projects organized. Take care.