Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SWD Polymer Clay Tutorial - Get Your Swirl On!! - St. Patrick's Day Pendant

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, just a few weeks away.  Learn to make a polymer clay swirl pendant or charm with shamrocks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  We’ll use the colors of the Irish flag – white, orange and green to make a swirl bead and then embellish it with three shamrocks.  I hope you enjoy this polymer clay tutorial.  It’s the third in my “Get Your Swirl On” series.   See the tools and materials list after the video link.

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Acrylic block and roller
Extruder with 19 hole disk – optional, you can roll thin snakes of clay by hand
Cutter – 3/16” hear shape – optional you can cut the hearts by hand with a craft knife
Hand drill or Dremel with size of drill bit to accommodate jump ring or bail

Clay – 1” ball of white, small amounts of orange and green
Jump ring for bail or other bail

Necklace finding

See my YouTube playlist for the series


  1. Love it!! Thank you for sharing this cute tutorial! I absolutely love making swirl beads, so this is up my alley! :)

    1. Lupe, so glad you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more in the series.