Sunday, October 25, 2015

SWD Learn to make a Dollar Store Halloween Skeleton Necklace

Hi All,

Join me in my studio to make this fun Halloween Skeleton Necklace.  I had bought a couple of the $1 skeleton garlands at my local Dollar Tree a while ago.  I hope they still have some of these this year, it's kind of close to Halloween and I notice everything is turning over for Christmas.  If they don't have them, save this for next year.  It's a great, inexpensive Halloween project and simple enough for the kids.  I made this for an elementary school teacher and I think it will be a great hit with her class.

We'll use very basic tools and materials such as wire, jump rings, chain, jewelry making pliers and wire snips.  If you want a more temporary necklace use the jute string that comes with the skeleton garland in place of the wire and chain.  You can simply tie a knot to wear the necklace.  The full tools/materials list is below the video.  If you enjoyed this project, I hope you'll let me know by subscribing to my YouTube channel, giving me a thumbs up (always encouraging) or leave a comment.  I hope you enjoy.

Jewelry pliers - two chain nose
Wire cutters

Skeletons - I used the skeleton garlands from Dollar Tree, if you don't find these, look for something similar; make sure they're flexible and a good size for a necklace - not too big
Jump rings - 2ea 10mm
Craft wire - 22ga approx 2'
Pumpkin bell or other pumpkin you can attach to represent a trick or treat bag (optional)
Chain - 2ea 6" lengths
Clasp - toggle or other

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