Monday, December 14, 2015

How to Make Polymer Clay Mini Mosaics #CoArtCo Collaboration with Shemi Dixon, Ina Solsbery and Pam Tanino

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Join me as I collaborate with three other fantastic Colorado YouTube artists.  We found each other through the YouTube Creative Arts Collaboration group and have met and enjoyed each other's company as we share our love of art and YouTube.  We're doing a collaboration where we each made a special, handmade item and a goodie bag of all kinds of materials for us to use in an upcoming project.   This first video shows how each of made the handmade item and the second video will show our final project.  My project is handmade polymer clay mini mosaics using acrylic paint, Pan Pastels and pearlescent powder.I hope you enjoy this collaboration.  See the links below to Shemi Dixon, Ina Solsberry and Pam Tanino videos.  See full tools and materials list for my project below the links.

Pam Tanino

Shemi Dixon

Ina Solsberry

Pasta machine
Clay blade
Baking tile
Paint brush
Cutters - optional various sizes and types

Polymer clay - Premo! black and white, each tile takes approx. one block of clay
Pearlescent powder
Pan Pastel metallic or chalk pastels
Sealer - only if the piece will get some use/wear, otherwise not needed


  1. I love mosaics! Thanks for sharing! These turned out beautiful and so easy to make!

  2. So glad you liked this project. It is easy with so many variations. Hope you try it!

  3. Where's the best places to get the impression mats? Thanks

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    2. Joan, sorry to be late in responding, I didn't realize this was stuck in moderation. Some of these are Darice embossing folder I got from Joann Fabric. Here's a link: