Saturday, March 12, 2016

How to Make a Polymer Clay Faux Wood Cuff Bracelet - The Polymer Clay Workbench

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See the first two videos in this series to learn to make the Basic Polymer Clay Cuff and Wood Grain Stack/Cane.  Here are the links to those videos.

Polymer Clay Faux Wood Grain Stack/Cane:
Polymer Clay Basic Cuff Bracelet:

Yay!! Here's the Faux Wood Look with Coral Pebble bracelet that reached #1 in the poll.  Let's get started.  In Part 2 of a 2 Part video tutorial, we'll make a polymer clay faux wood and coral pebble cuff bracelet.  Please refer to the video "How to Make a Basic Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet."   This is one of my favorite bracelets that can  easily  be customized with color or design.  See some of my recommended products and the tools/materials below.  Hope you enjoy and thanks again for joining me in my studio.  Take care.

Build your studio:

Acrylic Roller:
Clay Blades:
Bracelet Bender (The exact one I use is no longer available.  Here's an inexpensive one of equal quality):
Aluminum Bracelet Blanks 25 1/2" Pieces:
Aluminum Bracelet Blanks 25 3/4" Pieces:
Aluminum Bracelet Blanks 144 Pieces:
Aluminum Bracelet Blank Preformed 5 1/2" pieces (Note:  this doesn't get a great review on Amazon because the reviewer said they were too lightweight - this is what we want!):
Brass Channel Bracelet Blank 1 5/16" piece:
Silver plated Channel Bracelet Blank 1 ea .929" channel space:
Plastic Grid Sheets:
Stencil Plastic:

What I use to make my videos:

Canon Vixia HF R600 Camcorder:
Studio Lights:
External Microphone:

Pasta machine
Craft knife
Acrylic roller
Clay Blade
Needle tool
Bracelet template
Bracelet blank - 3/4" aluminum
Burnt Umber Paint
Sandpaper - 400 grit (optional)
Sanding bucket/tub
Clay - Sculpey Premo! in Raw Sienna, Translucent, White and Ecru
Round center focal - I used some glass pebbles from the floral section of my local craft store.

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