Saturday, February 16, 2013

Focus On Life - Week Seven - Beauty of Flowers

Anticipation.  In the yard of my Colorado home I have a tree that was planted when the house was built in the 60s.  Underneath the tree the most beautiful purple flowers emerge each March.  These purple flowers, which I believe are grape hyacinth (I could be wrong as I'm matching the flower to internet pictures), are so precious because only a few emerge from the winter earth each spring and they don't last long.  They come up despite the fact that I am not a gardener and haven't a clue how to care for such delicate beauties.  This is last year's picture.

They give me such pleasure and I've waited for them to bloom each of the 20 years we've lived in our home.  March is just around the corner. 

This is week 7 of Sally Russick's Focus on Life blog challenge.

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