Monday, February 25, 2013

Tweaking with Gilders Paste

Quite a few months ago I purchased several colors of Gilders Paste but haven't really used them.  I'm back home in my Colorado studio with a couple of days off so I thought I would try out the paste on some components I bought on sale from Joann Fabrics.  The components are by Laliberi and are reminiscent of old lace.  I love the various components and the look of lace and crochet but the finish is a bit too bright and jarring.  I thought a touch of Gilders Paste would tone the brightness down and enhance the look.  Here's my first experiment.

The Guilders Paste I bought so many months ago was dried out but their website says that if you add mineral spirits you can reconstitute the paste.  That worked.  I applied Antique Gold to a bright silver finish and love the new look.  It will work much better with my design aesthetic.  I have several more components to play with and will try alcohol inks and other patinas.

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