Thursday, May 4, 2017

Acrylic Paint Art

I love paint!  And I'm fascinated by the art of fluid acrylic pouring.  This free form art allows the artist to focus on color and interesting textures and techniques.  I've done a number of acrylic pouring paintings in the past and am getting back to it now.  I happened on these 45 records at the thrift store.  Finding these 45s brought me right back to my teenage years and was a thrill in and of itself (although in honesty, none of the 45s I found would be considered cool then or now).    LOL  They're a great size, though,at 7 inches.

I have some plans for these to incorporate polymer clay sculptural elements in the center.  Hope I can turn what's in my head into great art.

Here's some macro views.

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