Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Polymer Clay and Acrylic Pour Painting

In my last post I shared my latest acrylic pour painting on 45 records I found at the thrift store.  I love the way the paintings turned out.  The DecoArt paint I used was luscious and I thought the technique was beautiful.  It needed something though so I pulled out some polymer clay and tried a few different focal pieces.

The one on the top right is a traditional swirl, left is a spikey flower and finally bottom right is a rose style focal.

I tried all of these out and finally settled on the rolled flower piece with ruffled leaf shapes. Here are a few close ups.

 Everything was varnished with a satin varnish.  Love the final product.  I'll need to keep experimenting for more looks.

I'm also showing how I created a wire hook for the back and covered the center hole in the record. 

 It was fun to experiment with all of these different looks.  I lvoe adding the polymer clay to the acrylic poured paintings.

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